Phillip Bengel

earthed ucation

future can be learned

Seminars & Workshops


Further training on innovative ESD and modern outdoor learning with and without digital media

Consulitng & Coaching


Expert advice and qualified support for the realization of high-quality educational and sustainability devlopment projects

Management & Implementation


Coordination and management of project assignments from the first idea, along a professional management to the final target evaluation

"earthed education"

"Earth education" or "earthed education" (German: erdung- erdnahe Eildung) stands for the bundled competence of expert cunsultancy, conceptual support and didactic guidance for various events and projects in the context of sustainable development. The aim of erdung is to support people, organizations and companies in actively shaping sustainable change at an individual, local and global level.

Dr. Phillip Bengel

why I as a person and expert am the right partner for your project and what qualifies me for a successful cooperation with you I will tell you here.