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Dr. Phillip Bengel

Change can be exciting, fun, and empowering to shape our socio-ecological environments – because the future can be learned!

Curriculum vitae

2024 Sustainability manager qualification at the IU – International University of Applied Sciences

2020 – 2023 Doctor’s degree in Geography Education at Philipps Univeristy Marburg

2019 – 2023 Research Assistant in the project Natur4.0 at Philipps University Marburg

2017 – 2019 Development Advisor for Environmental Education in Laos, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Since 2016 Freelance activities as Consultant for Education and Sustainable Development

2014 – 2016 Master’s degree in Biodiversity & Environmental Education at PH Karlsruhe

2009 – 2014 Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at HS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

2008 – 2009 University entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife) at FOS/BOS Weißenburg

2005 – 2008 Vocational training as an Industrial Mechanic (IHK) at Schwan STABILO

2005 Secondary school leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife) at Realschule Weißenburg

My goal, as an consulting  sustainabilty and education expert is to find new ways to promote valuable knowledge and skills for and with my fellow earthlings.

My World

It could also be titled “My Topics,” but “My World” fits here because that’s exactly what it’s about: My world, but also yours; our world and the conditions under which humanity as a global society can thrive on this planet.

In this world, high-quality education plays a crucial role in creating a livable future – not only for me personally but for all of us. I aspire to provide access to contemporary educational opportunities for as many people as possible, so that everyone can benefit from their positive effects.

Environmental education, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and global learning are particularly close to my heart. In this context, I also explore the conscious use of technology. I firmly believe that these guiding concepts empower us to create educational environments that encourage users to actively participate in ecological, social, and digital transformation. Together, we can shape a sustainable and resilient world.

My Motivation

Today, primarily working as consultant and project manager, I want to emphasize that I am also a scientist, engineer, lecturer, activist, and, on top of it all, a father and son, among many other roles. Choosing to focus on sustainability and education wasn’t always obvious. Despite being proud of my academic achievements today, I was once not a particularly good student. I attribute this to the significant deficiencies in prevailing educational structures.

On my journey, I have learned above all that there is still so much for me to learn – or rather, that there are too many important things about which I was not adequately informed, and unfortunately, others haven’t been either. Yet, these very knowledge and skills are essential for a good life on this planet. This is precisely where I want to make a difference: Through my work as an educationalist, I aim to contribute to closing these gaps and raising awareness about the crucial issues that concern us all.

I firmly believe that social capacity builidng and education play a key role, not only in enabling individual development but also in driving societal change. Everyone should have access to educational opportunities that inspire, inform, and motivate action. Together, we can lay the foundations for leading a fulfilling and responsible life on our planet.