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Seminars & Workshops

"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." - Paulo Coelho

Finding good and contemporary ideas and approaches for Education for Sustainable Development and/or the meaningful use of mobile digital media can often pose challenges for teachers, educators, and other facilitators. Besides choosing the right format and developing education concepts that suit the target audience, a multitude of methodological, didactical, organizational, and professional questions arise, and at times, even moral ones. In practice-oriented course formats tailored specifically to your topics, target groups, and framework requirements, we tackle these challenges together. I provide you with an overview of current approaches, theories, and tools, present best-practice examples, and equip you with the appropriate methods and guidelines so that you can elevate your own educational work to a new level

Consulting & Coaching

"Oh, ...nobody told us that before." - (not) a future quote from you?

What if organizations and institutions with a mission in sustainable development lack the capacity or expertise to meet the specific demands of efficent project management? Regardless of whether approches need to be created from scratch or existing ones need to be optimized and managed, if the focus is on the impact of the measures, relevant professional coordination and profound expertise is essential.
With competent advice and needs-oriented support, I am here to assist you in realizing your projects, regardless of their stage of development. I accompany you on your journey, helping to find the right direction, showing shortcuts, building bridges, and going as far as you desire. Depending on how far your idea has progressed, we might start with the first brainstorming session, asking “What do we want to achieve exactly?”, explore together “what already exists?”, and build upon that before, perhaps, crossing the finish line together with a final evaluation.
Unbinding consultation is possible at any time, on a specific point, and regardless of the stage of development of your project.

Development & Implementation

You - "Just once working with real professionals!?" Me - "Let's go!"

No, of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Especially when you can have expert support. Are you looking for someone who can develop your idea according to the latest standards, design it attractively, and implement it effectively for your target audience? I offer you comprehensive executive project management: conceptualization on content and structure, development of materials with thematic, didactic, and aesthetic considerations, professional implementation, and, if desired, a scientific evaluation of success upon completion.